Who we are

Invisible Galaxy is a consulting company in real estate investment. Our team consists of Russians, Ukrainians, Portuguese and English professionals.

We have had a well-established brand in the national market, with wide experience focused for decades on owners, investors, financial institutions, and big funds for real estate investment.

We not only make properties and investment opportunities available, we also actively seek the most adequate real estate deals for your needs and actual purposes. We believe in personalized real estate investment work, and that is why we always adapt every deal to each client and their profit expectations.

We work with the best in the industries of tourism and real estate development, and also worldwide with banks used to support the real estate industry.

Our experience, negotiating skills, and sphere of influence close to decision-makers allow us to get in our hands opportunities that never reach the market. We perform real estate operations professionally and discreetly, far away from the general market’s attention.

Our Projects

Boutique Apartment Hotel & Restaurant
Boutique Apartment Hotel & Restaurant

Experienced Team in Real Estate

We have the objective of assisting Real Estate investors in succeeding in their projects, whether large scale institutional investors or individual clients. We have an experienced team, in both Real Estate and Construction markets, and we are able to successfully execute projects, with the highest quality standards, optimized cost and within the shortest duration. We provide a wide array of services and are present in all stages: Acquisition, Execution (Design, Licensing, Construction, Sales) and Operation.

Our Services

Our commitment is to create real estate products that are appropriate
to the needs and expectations of partners, customers and investors.

Why Portugal?

Portugal has a privileged place in the world. It’s a country with history, and that is why it has a mature and stable social and political situation, with great trust and security rates. Whether it’s for your own use or simply for investment, Portugal provides ideal conditions not only to live, but also, clearly, to invest.

Invisible Galaxy Portugal emerges as a local player exploring specific characteristics that the Iberian Peninsula real estate market is presently offering.

We develop our projects in partnership with local architecture and construction companies who are firmly established and that have a vast local experience.

On the other hand, we also settle partnerships and create joint ventures with local developers with a solid and proven history.

To achieve these collaborations, we examined all partners from an ethical perspective, on financial strength and implementation capacity through a long and extensive process of selection. Thus, we guarantee decades of experience for our clients and investors in the local market.

Contact us

Adress: Av. da Boavista 1203, 401, Porto
Phone: +351-910-838-428
Email: info@invisiblegalaxy.pt